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the name

The name “Q.Q.rin” is a tribute to the towering dome of Gassino, called by the locals “Cucurin”.

It’s part of the Church of the Confraternity of the Holy Spirit and dominates the landscape from the center of the village.

Someone says it was built by the same Juvarrian architects who erected the Basilica of Superga.


Once upon a time, it was an old and run-down court house, divided into numerous and intricate units. Entering the door, on the left, behind the walls, a fig, whose roots had arrived inside the house. Stairs and ladders reached the first floor, where there was a long balcony.

It is now the Q.Q.rin, a refurbished court house. Restructuring and reorganization of the spaces have created large and luminous rooms overlooking the courtyard and the balcony, which remained, together with the door.

Unfortunately, the fig greeted us.

We are in Via Cresta 6, in front of the Church of Saints Peter and Paul, at the gates of the old town.